Getting your Pharmacy ready for the big freeze

Wednesday, 23 October 2013
British weather has been relatively kind to us with temperatures only dropping recently. It’s the perfect opportunity to start promoting seasonal services in store and on your website.

Flu is highly infectious illness which can spread rapidly; you should have been promoting the Flu Vaccination programme within your Pharmacy since September but is it on your website? Set up a page on your site outlining the service you offer, highlighting the ‘At Risk’ groups who are eligible for an NHS flu vaccination. Make sure you also include details on the private programme as many customers may not be aware the Flu Vaccination is available from a Pharmacy.

As ice and snow starts to appear and the temperature drops more emphasis will be placed on your collection and delivery service to support vulnerable customers in the area who would prefer to stay at home. If you’ve got a website set up a ‘Winter Support’ page with details of your delivery services, prescription collection and delivery areas.

Finally if snow falls; how accessible is your Pharmacy? Can all staff make it to work? It’s worth taking the time to create a page on your website relating to weather conditions to share weather updates, opening hours and how customers can contact you in an emergency.

Supporting vulnerable customers during difficult weather conditions will enhance your pharmacies reputation and build customer loyalty. It's a great opportunity to utilise your Pharmacy website to promote your pharmacy and use it as a central point for store information for customers.

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