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Friday, 1 July 2011
SiteBuilder Pharmacy becomes recommended Website Development Service for Numark Pharmacies

Numark, who represent over 2600 independent pharmacies in the UK, have just announced that they will be exclusively recommending SiteBuilder Pharmacy to their members as their preferred website development service.

Chris Peacock, Commercial IT Executive at Numark said of the decision
"Quality is paramount to our members, and we wanted to make sure that the website development service we were recommending had the potentially to genuinely help our members grow their business. We were impressed by the professionalism of SiteBuilder Pharmacy team, and the features, flexibility and design standards of the websites they produce were exactly in tune with our members needs".

Steve Grainger, Managing Director of Enigma Interactive who operate SiteBuilder Pharmacy added
"We're absolutely thrilled to be endorsed by an organisation of the stature of Numark. We've invested a huge amount of time working with the independent pharmacy community to understand exactly what their website needs are and have developed a range of website services specifically to address these. The fact that Numark - arguably the UK's leading voice for independent pharmacies - have recognised this is a huge boost, and we look forward to repaying their faith by delivering Numark members class leading websites" .  

If you are a Numark member and are interested in finding out what SiteBuilder Pharmacy can do for you, please contact :
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