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Securing Your Patient Data

Wednesday, 21 December 2016
Pharmacists are required by law to obtain, process and maintain patient records in the course of their practice. In addition to personal data (ie addresses and contact details) pharmacists also have access to sensitive health care information and must ensure that the management of all information that they collect, record or store is in accordance with the Data Protection Acts.
On your website, we can provide SSL protection, which encrypts the information that you collect & store online using a security certificate. The SSL Certificate is issued by a trusted authority and ensures that that information sent between the website browser and servers cannot be read during transfer.
The address of website pages viewed over SSL start with https:// instead of http:// most web browsers also display a padlock icon when browsing a site with SSL so that you know the connection is secure.
This is recommended to provide patient privacy and confidentiality, particularly for sensitive medical information that may be obtained through PMeds or Prescription features.

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